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USPS changes result in delays

September 11, 2013

The staffs of our local newspapers ask our subscribers to please take into account the changes in the postal delivery system
The U.S. Postal Service closed the Mankato sorting center on August 1, and changed mail pick-up times to three hours earlier in southwestern Minnesota. All mail in the area is now transported to Minneapolis for sorting.

First class mail has taken an additional day for delivery in most cases, and periodicals mail, including weekly newspapers, have also taken an additional day. These are cost savings measures put into place by the U.S. Postal Service.

The staffs of our local newspapers ask our subscribers to please take into account the changes in the postal delivery system when placing items of interest, articles and advertising. In the current situation, some area residents are not receiving their papers until Friday, causing events to be missed.

Jerry Johnson, Publisher of the Fulda Free Press, Murray County News, Nobles County Review and Tri County News, explains that delivery of newspapers in the communities of Fulda, Slayton, Adrian and Heron Lake (along with the communities serviced by these Post Offices) continues to be on Wednesday of each week. These papers are delivered directly to the local post offices on Tuesday, and are not sent to Minneapolis for sorting.

Newspapers delivered outside of these towns are taken from the printers to the Slayton Post Office, where they are then sent to Minneapolis for sorting and delivery, causing the papers to arrive on Thursday or later each week.

“It is our intention to get our newspapers to our subscribers in a timely fashion,” Johnson explained. “The cost savings measures instituted by the Postal Service are not aiding our local readers.”

Some out of state subscribers have been plagued with late delivery for many years, sometimes not receiving papers for a month or more, then getting three or four at once. Explanations from the Postal Service have indicated that periodicals mail is often set aside, as first class mail takes priority.

It seems some of our local subscribers are now in the same situation. Conversations with local post offices have given us an 800 number to call when and if our newspaper delivery is delayed. Call 1-800-ASK-USPS (275-8777) to help improve your mail delivery service.

“As always, the e-edition is available,” Johnson added. The electronic edition of the newspaper is made available to subscribers early Wednesday morning. Contact one of our offices for further information, or to switch your print subscription to the e-edition.

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