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Murray County Board of Commissioners - Food Service building for sale

October 4, 2013

By Dorothy Bloemendaal
There were no new ditch petitions presented to the Murray County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday, September 24. A bill $1,182.44 for County Ditch #23 was approved for payment. Further investigation of Judicial Ditch #26 determined the petition for repair had never been installed. There are no benefits listed in the area of the petition. Commissioner James Jens and Auditor/treasurer Heidi Winter recommended the petition be cancelled as it is not part of the system.

Ray Priebe spoke concerning the repair of CD#86. He had visited with Ryan West who said it was too late in the season and would it be difficult to get tile at this time of the year. The landowners are willing to have the repair done whenever possible. Bidding for the project will be later this winter.

Connie Weineke reported on a recent meeting she attended. Post office box numbers on licenses are allowed for protection. She also told of the donor designation on your driverís license and what it means to the familyís that were recipients of the organ donation. It is now necessary to write the purchase price on a transfer of ownership of vehicles. The conference speakers were very good.

Justin Hoffman and an employee of Gass Tiling presented an estimate of tiling at the race track. No decision was made until a further investigation to see if the tile lines in place need repair or replacing.

Winter storage of the buildings at the fairgrounds was awarded to Jody Grogan for the creative arts building and the commercial building to Shetek Marine. The contracts are for two years.

The job description for a part time recycling center worker was updated. The board also approved advertising for a part time (28 hours per week) worker at the center.

Janet Timmerman was hired as the museum coordinator beginning November 4. The position is for 30 hours per week. The comment was made she was chosen from a great group of candidates.

The board has decided to sell the Food Service building. Bids are to be opened with the right to raise their bid at the October 22 board meeting at 9:30 a.m. Possession can take place on the current agreement with the food shelf and the Escape.

The board approved purchasing a rock picker for the highway department for $1,500.

Amy Diedrich, Marsh & McLennan Agency, presented the Medica and PreferredOne proposals and comparison with the SWWC coop for county employee insurance. The county has 183 employees. She recommended the PreferredOne insurance. No action was taken until after the hospital board meeting and meeting with the department heads later in the afternoon. At the conclusion of this meeting the board agreed to the PreferredOne plan and leave the SWWC Blue Cross Blue Schield option.

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