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Fulda City Council approves cleaning contract

October 9, 2013

Monday, October 7th
The Fulda City Council met Monday October 7th. The first order of business was to review the cities insurance policy thru Fulda Insurance Agency. The policy that will include Eichten Park was accepted by the council.

A report on the Treatment Plant/Water Tower status was given by Butch Huerkamp. He said that six inches of sediment was removed from the bottom of the water tower tank by divers. The city crew is currently back flushing water mains. Estimated time of completion is two to four weeks. Bids will sought for the painting of the outside of the tower.

A cleaning proposal from Fulda DAC to clean all rooms and restrooms in the City Police/Ambulance building effective October 1, 2013. The cost per the estimated one hour cleaning per week is $9.90/ hour. The second building is the Senior Citizen Building to clean the main room and the restrooms. The estimated cleaning time 1.5 hours at $9.90/hour. The motion was passed.

The Oddson property assessment amount including demolition, disposal, refilling the hole and attorneys fees totals $8,023.83. The assessment will be placed against the property.

There is a request to bring alcohol into the city owned Senior Citizen Center. State law states that no person shall consume intoxicating liquor or 3.2 malt liquor in a public park, street, sidewalk etc. or in any public building other than on the premises of an establishment licensed under this chapter. It was the councils decision to not allow alcohol on city property without insurance to cover it.

Ron and Diane Kirchner are asking about grant writing for a pickle ball court. Refinishing the tennis courts is part of the needed improvements. The city has set aside $5,000 this year for the estimated $22,000.00 in the resurfacing of the courts.

Building permits were approved for Darwin Kruse - house addition, Dean Lubben - storage shed addition, and Craig Holmes - extend fence.

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