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Open forum discusses End-O-Line Park

October 9, 2013

By Dorothy Bloemendaal
The Murray County Board of Commissioners accepted a donation of $12,905 from the Murray County Agriculture Society to be used for renovation of the cattle barn at the fairgrounds.

Two petitions for ditch repair were submitted. County Ditch #68 at the fairgrounds was discovered to be plugged. A very large washout in Judicial Ditch #28 had been inspected and it was determined to be repaired at a cost of $8,500. The board authorized the payment of $781.00 to Jim Weidemann for mileage and viewing of CD #82.

A subordination agreement for a septic lien was given to Scott and Anita Peschges.

Jim Reinert, emergency management director, presented Code RED service agreement for signature. Code RED is a high-speed notification that will provide both emergency and non-emergency messages via text, email and voice. The cost of implementing the service is $6,188.09. The board agreed to use the system on a trial basis for 14 months. The hearing impaired, non-English speaking and special needs are a few of the groups that will especially benefit from the system. The funding would be evaluated at the end of the year to determine its effectiveness.

Approval was given to accept the Emergency Manage-ment Performance Grant with matching funds of$17,334.00.

Reinert explained the Emergency Operations Plan. The plan includes what procedures are necessary to implement in a major disaster event.

A conditional use permit was approved as recommended by the Planning Commission for Dustin Schuld. The permit in Section 30, Chanarambie Township is to expand an existing feedlot by constructing a total confinement cattle barn for 400 beef cattle with a concrete manure storage pit. After constructing and expansion, the site will have 480 beef cattle. Five special conditions were added. To read the rest of this article - pick up a copy of this weeks Fulda Free Press or subscribe to our eedition at

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