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Salute to pork producers

October 23, 2013

Our annual salute to pork producers section is included in this week’s issue.
Featuring a variety of stories from throughout the area, the pork section salutes producers during National Pork Month.

A look at some rare breeds of swine is the focus of one article. Some heritage breeds number only 100 animals, and several different breeds are included in the article.

The Schuur Concrete Company in Chandler has a variety of items used by pork producers and by others. Take a peek at their company, and learn how pre-cast concrete items are made.

Learn about a new aid for natural livestock waste treatment systems, Bioverse’s AgraSphere. It is an all-natural, 100 percent biodegradable round dispensing ball which acts as an incubator at the bottom of a manure storage structure distributing beneficial bacteria.

Be diligent in preventing cross-contamination when pumping manure for field application. The Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDV or PED virus) can be transmitted. See inside for ways to prevent the spread.

In the event of a livestock trailer rollover, there is now a trailer fitted with many of the items that emergency services personnel would need. Look inside for further details.

Several additional articles, in addition to a collection of pork based recipes, is included in this section.

The special section will be included with the Murray County Advantage October 28 issue, for our e-edition subscribers.

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