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Jotting by Jerry

October 30, 2013

by Jerry Johnson
The chimney cleaner was in town Monday to clean my chimney. It's not his favorite one to do, mostly because of the thirty feet from the ground with little but a pointy peak of the roof to break the fall. The last few times he has brought scaffolding along to help reach the top. His days of scampering across the roof ridges are gone and I have not heard him break out in song. There are no long black coat tails, no black top hat and no brush. He did have a small black smudge on his nose. What he did do was a good job cleaning my chimney. We are now ready for Santa.

The duck hunting has been pretty slow. Only a few pass thru in the morning but they are regular and we have given them names. Pheasant hunting has been a disappointment also. They are around but you earn every opportunity for a shot. The deer season will start in less than two weeks and looks a little more promising. However it turns out, its usually enjoyable.

The harvest is about complete with only the occasional cornfield still standing. The weather is turning wet for the rest of the week.

Talking about harvest, Thursday is the great candy giveaway. Hopefully we will have a dry warm evening long enough to fill the kids sacks with enough sugar to run a child for weeks. Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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If you act like you know what you are doing, no one will feel adequate to question your activities.

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Have a good week.

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