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October 30, 2013

by Darcy Uttech
50 years ago

Thursday, October 31, 1963

A candlelight wedding united Audrey Marie Haseman and Thomas Hjelle in marriage on September 29th at Lion Lutheran Church in Hoffman.

Citizens of Tomorrow include Daniel and Terri Kolander, Joselin Schwarz, Roxanne and Daniel Uttech, Edward Schweigert, Renee Evers, Jeanne and Terry Ommen, Teresa and Michael Higgins and Lana Rae Baumgard.

The farm place of Mr. and Mrs. Willie Huls who live south of Dundee was the scene of busy activity on Monday when twenty-eight men and seven women gathered to clean off an eighty-acre field of corn. Mr. Huls was injured on October 4th in an automobile accident and has been unable to do field work.

Osborne's offering mens Oxfords for $6.77; Champ Hats for $5.77 and flannel shirts for $1.97.

Buschena Electric special this week is a General Electric Dryer for $135.00.

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Wenzel are the parents of a son, Jock, born October 23rd. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Ted Dalin and Mr. and Mrs. Art Wenzel.

Mr. and Mrs. Orville Bremer are the parents of a son born October 22nd. Grandparents include Mr. and Mrs. George Bremer and Mr. and Mrs. Dave McDonald.

30 years ago

Thursday, November 3, 1983

Emery Beckman discovered his pickup missing on Saturday night although he didn't report it until Sunday around noon. Fred Knorr later informed him that he saw his pickup in the Holiday Inn parking lot in Worthington. Nothing was taken and no damage was done to the pickup. Beckman stated that he thought it might be a Halloween prank.

The hearing between the City of Fulda and Thomas LeTourneau has come to an end. It will be another 30 days before the court system hands down a decision.

Mayor Craig Shea signed a Family Week proclamation for this week.

Jan's Café offering a Friday night special of soup and a sandwich for $2.50; Saturday chicken specials and Sunday roast beef dinner for $3.75.

Citizens of Tomorrow include Michelle Rae Bestge, Brent and Kristi O'Neil, and Sara Sauer.

The Fulda Raiders end their season with a 6-0 victory over the Slayton Wildcats.

Henry G. Greenfield passed away on October 29th at the age of 90 years.

Wilma D. Pollard passed away on October 24th after a short illness. She was 82 years old.

Funeral services for Francis J. Breen were held on October 24th in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Nellie Holland passed away on October 25 at the age of 65 years old.

20 years ago

Wednesday, November 3 1993

The GAR monument is being restored thanks to the efforts of the Prairie Hill Cemetery board.

The Fulda High School sponsored programs for their students to help them deal with and understand the economy, poverty, violence, AIDS as well as other real life difficulties.

Four local businesses where broke into on Monday night. Burglers gained entry to the Lime Creek Grain Company through the roof. They entered Barnes Mobile Mill through a window, and Fulda Auto by kicking in a door. Focus on Fitness was also broke into. In addition a 1986 Park Avenue belonging to Northside Auto was stolen from Fulda Auto and driven through Jay Dekker's cornfield west of Fulda. The crimes are under investigation.

Citizens of Tomorrow include Joshua Stadler, Mari Holinka, and Adam Leinen.

Casey's was presented with its first dollar of profit plaque from members of Retail Trade.

Agnes Odenbrett is honored as Resident of the Month at Maple Lawn Nursing Home.

Blanche Johnson passed away on October 30th at the age of 92.

Thelma Dessonville passed away on October 30th at the age of 88.

Mollie Lambert passed away on October 29th at the age of 96.

The Fulda Raider football team will play Minneota for the section crown on Friday night.

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