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Fulda/MCC Warrior wresters dual over Garretson at home this week

December 19, 2013

Ben Blanchette won his round with Jacob Fitzgerald. When their time expiredthe score was 6-4. 
Ben Blanchette won his round with Jacob Fitzgerald. When their time expiredthe score was 6-4.
By: Sean Solheim
The Fulda/Murray County Central Warrior wrestling squad held one of their home wrestling matches this past week in a border battle between the Warriors and Garretson, South Dakota. As the match went on, both teams were evenly matched and it had to be determined by the 182 pound class for a winner.

To start the match, Garretson took six points when the 106 pound class was open on the Warriors’ side. Points were won back later in the 113 pound match with Jon Gehl taking on Tait Johnson. Late in the first period, Gehl earned the upper edge when he gained control of Johnson just before the buzzer sounded. After an escape by Johnson to start the second, Gehl once again earned control as the buzzer sounded in the second period. Things switched up in the third period since Gehl started on the mat. Within the first 30 seconds, Gehl reversed control on Johnson and just like the other two periods, he worked until the buzzer sounded. However, when the buzzer sounded, Gehl almost had a pin to tie the team points, but instead won by decision, 9-1 to give the Warriors four points back.

Clayton Hartle helped give the Warriors the lead back in the 120 pound match up. He wrestled against Jared Fitzgerald and in the first period, Hartle gained the upper edge about a minute into the first for two points. Later in the second, Hartle chose to start on the mat and in a very short amount of time, Hartle was awarded a reverse and in the process, Fitzgerald landed on his back. Hartle wasted no time in finishing the match with the pin to give the Warriors a 10-6 lead.

In the 126 pound class, Ben Blanchette wrestled against Jacob Fitzgerald and both wrestlers were very evenly matched all the way through. Fitzgerald gained control within the first minute in the first, but shortly after, Blanchette earned a reverse to tie the individual match at two points. Just before the buzzer sounded, Fitzgerald gained control once again before the second period began. After no points were scored in the second, a reversal right away in the third tied the match at four points. Both wrestlers were working hard to gain that final edge to earn a win and Blanchette did so as time expired with a two count near fall to win 6-4. That win gave the Warriors a little comfort room as they went up 13-6.

Brady Schleuter from Garretson gave them points back when he earned six points off a pin over Tate Meyer in the 132 pound class. However, those points were quickly lost in the 138 pound match with Will Gehl against Jake Konechne. Gehl only needed one minute in his match to earn the pin after he quickly gained control right away in the match. That pin gave the Warriors a 19 to 12 lead.

The momentum switched to Garretson’s side in the middle of the dual between the two teams. First in the 145 pound match, Brendan Harris earned a pin in the second period over Jimmy Carlson to pull within one point of the Warriors. Later, Nathan Beech had a tough time against Tyler Willems. Beech, however, fought hard and avoided the pin as best as he can. In the second and third period, Beech almost was pinned by Willems, but the near falls just gave Willems a major decision victory, 11-0 over Beech. That win for Willems also gave Garretson the lead in team points, 22-19.

At the final stages of the dual, each match between the two teams became crucial. Tanner Nelson took to the mat against Josh Powell in the 160 pound class and made sure he fought hard for a victory. In the first, Powell was able to gain control over Nelson for two points, but later in the second, Nelson did the same thing to tie the individual match up at two points. It wasn’t until the third when a victory was made. Just ten seconds into the third, Nelson had control over Powell for two more points. One minute later, Nelson broke down his opponent and was able to flip him over on his shoulders and the referee quickly blew the whistle signaling a pin, which gave the Warriors the lead back, 25-22.

In the 170 pound class, both Dalton Keeler and Tony Weiland were evenly matched like many other matches in the dual. After a scoreless first period, Keeler earned himself reverse points about one minute into the second period. Later in the third, Weiland was able to escape the grasp of Keeler, but a takedown later gave Keeler a three point lead once again. It appeared as though Keeler was going to give the Warriors a little comfort room, but as time drew closer to the end of the match, Weiland reversed control on Keeler and in doing so, he also nearly pinned Keeler. Fortunately for the Warriors, time had expired, so a near fall was awarded to Weiland and with those points, he won the match by decision, 7-4. Those three points instead of six from what could have been a pin tied the dual at 25 points and it came down to the 182 pound match between Dylan Nelson and Derek Decker to determine a winner.

Knowing what he had to do, Nelson stepped foot onto the mat focused and poised on earning a victory as soon as he could. The two wrestlers waited for the right moment to take control, but one moment was the deciding factor. At 1:15 in the first period, Nelson had Weiland flipped on his back and the referee slapped the mat signaling a pin. With his fist pumped in the air proud of his victory, Nelson gave the Warriors the lead 31 to 25, and with open weight classes in both the 195 and heavyweight classes, the Warriors took the win in the match, 37-31.

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