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February 11, 2014

by Jerry Johnson
Almost windless days, several in a row, is not common for us. There is nothing to lean into or brace against. You risk falling on your face or worse just going outside in these non-natural windless days. I'm not complaining, it’s just that there are more random snow angles that were not intended. Tuesday’s light dusting of snow just lays there waiting for the wind, a blizzard in a box, ready. Meanwhile, enjoy these brief days of standing straight and not thinking about the B-word.

* * *

The big game Sunday was one sided and the Seahawks made a fine showing in winning their first Super Bowl on their first try. The Bronocs succeeded in making our loved Vikings look good.

* * *

I’m sure everyone enjoyed trying to figure out who was in the wedding photos in last week’s Bridal Supplement. Here are the correct names: 1. Steve and Connie DeWall - Okabena; 2. Jim and Mary Ahlers - Fulda; 3. John and Barb Reiter - Ellsworth; 4. Mike and Linda Horkey - Heron Lake; 5. Leonard and Betty Daniels - Fulda; 6. Lynn and Alta Behr - Fulda; 7. Ron and JoAnne Heidebrink - Slayton; 8. Lyle and Carol Busch - Fulda

9. Jim and Betty Sherwood - Ellsworth; 10. Ray and Audrey Brake - Wilmont; 11. Chuck and Sharon Schultz - Slayton; 12. Ferdie and Lois Haberman - Brewster

* * *

There are no great people n this world, only great challenges which ordinary people rise to meet.

- William Fredenick Halsey -

* * *

Have a good week.

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