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Football journey shared with coveted coach

February 13, 2014

   Pictured above is Kirchners support crew:  (left to right)  Brad Holinka, Troy Kirchner, Trent Kirchner, Jessica Kirchner, Julie Kirchner, and Monte Kuehl. 
Pictured above is Kirchners support crew: (left to right) Brad Holinka, Troy Kirchner, Trent Kirchner, Jessica Kirchner, Julie Kirchner, and Monte Kuehl.
By: Sheila Crowley
There is a special bond that develops between a coach and player....for some a lasting impression. This is how Trent Kirchner explains his relationship with Brad Holinka, Fulda coach and educator. “Brad built a strong foundation to aid students’ success both in the game of football and life,” he explained.

Kirchner, who serves as the pro personnel director for the Seattle Seahawks, commented,

“We never wanted to disappoint him.” And disappoint he has not.

Shortly after the Seahawks won the NFC Championship, Holinka texted a ‘Congrats’ to Kirchner. Within minutes following the text, he was on the receiving end of a call from Kirchner asking Holinka to join him at the Superbowl.  Initially Holinka declined stating Kirchner had more important people to invite other than himself. Kirchner kept on insisting. Finally Holinka said he’d think about it. After communication with his wife and son, Holinka texted Kirchner the following day saying, ‘I’m in.’. “I wanted him there,” said Kirchner, “but doubted he would actually accept the invitation and was elated when Brad said he would come.”               According to Holinka, he hadn’t actually been on a plane, much less leave the area, since his honeymoon in 1990.

Holinka’s adventure began as he departed Minneapolis on Friday, January 31st. Upon arrival a charter awaited taking them (Monte Kuehl, friend, Troy and Julie Kirchner (brother and sister-in-law of Trent) to the hotel where not only family members of the Seahawks were staying, but also the team itself. “It was pretty exciting to be amongst all the excitement,” said Holinka.

The following day, while Kirchner went with the team for their photo session, Holinka, Troy, Julie, along  Kuehl all visited Ground Zero which Holinka described as “Unbelieveable”. According to him one tower has been erected already. Holinka couldn’t believe the intense feeling as he looked into the bottomless pool. He was particularly impressed with the fact that the whole area is actually suspended over the eventual museum. “There are trap doors that allow arborests to take care of the trees,” he said. “It’s very powerful.”

The foursome walked down Broadway Avenue as well learning their way around the subway. “All I can say is thank God Julie had an app on her phone to help guide us around the subway,” said Holinka.

That evening Trent joined up with them for supper. Then it was game day. Charter buses transported family and other personnel to Metlife Stadium for the big game. They arrived around 3:00 p.m. that afternoon allowing time to take in the numerous tents and activities going on outside the stadium before game time at 6:30. Holinka, however, was anxious to get inside and watch the warmup. “It was ‘awesome’ to see something like this live,” explained Holinka. “Of all the games I’ve coached and watched, nothing compares to being a part of this day.”

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