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County Recorder UCC service may be taken over by State office

June 26, 2014

Murray County Board of Commissioners
By Dorothy Bloemendaal

Fulda Free Press staff writer

The following ditch petitions were approved for repair at the Murray County Board of Commissioners meeting on Tuesday, June 17, County Ditch #78 Section 24 Iona Township, CD #65 Section 8 Dovray Township, CD #68 Section 9 Slayton Township and Judicial Ditch #14 Section 18 Leeds Township.

The board had inquired as to when the final payment could be made on County Ditch #82. A final acceptance hearing will be held with a three week notice when all has been completed. The seeding still needs to be done.

Final for the grade stabilization structure ( water retention structure) in Section 36 Lowville Township was approved for payment. Funding for the project was a combination from the Murray Storm Water Retention fund, the Murray County Water plan and the Murray County SWCD.

Jim Johnson, county record-er, recently attended the Minnesota County recorders conference at Rutgers in Deerwood, MN. Among the sessions and topics discussed were vital standards, clearing titles, ethics, oath of office, office responsibilities and private data. He considered the round table discussion of the recorders to talk about the “hot” topics of their various offices the most informative. A recently received notice from Secretary of State Mark Ritchie, the satellite UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) processing offices would be terminated effective December 1, 2014. This would take away a significant service by the county office. In most instances they can provide same day service, which is very crucial for the farmers, as they have a very short window of opportunity to sign up for programs. The state office alleges the service can be done by courier service (generally not available in this area) or mail service that could be up to seven or more days for farmers to obtain their funding. The proposal would take away the services by the county and also revenue. The UCC filings and searches determine what financing options are available to farmers and generally the county provides a same day service. The board and many of the other 70 counties that are satellite UCC processing offices have united in an effort for Mr. Ritchie to reverse this directive.

An urgent call from the End-O-Line Park for immediate help to secure artifacts from the flooding waters cancelled the walk through of the cattle barn. The park is closed until further notice.

Randy Groves reported several county roads under water and a lot of shoulder washing away due to the recent heavy rains in the area. He also reported on his conference. A bid opening for the Fenton bridge project is July 22 at 10:30 a.m.

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