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Fulda Game and Fish seeking funds to replace aerators

July 2, 2014

Fulda Game and Fish Club members are searching for funds to replace three aerators used on Fulda Lakes to provide oxygen during winter months. 
Fulda Game and Fish Club members are searching for funds to replace three aerators used on Fulda Lakes to provide oxygen during winter months.
By Norma Dittman
Fulda Game and Fish Club is looking for funds to replace the three aerators that have been used in the winter months on Fulda Lakes since 1973, according to Club President, Keith Hakeneis. “The aerators are well over 40 years old and are in need of replacement,” Hakeneis stated. “We have been looking at replacing them with bubblers (Powerhouse Ice Eaters) which would cost about $1,500 per unit to purchase.”

The purpose for aerators is to provide adequate oxygen levels in the lake thus preventing fish kill. Winter (and summer) fish kills are caused when the oxygen becomes depleted. This condition is usually caused by dying vegetation, excessively thick ice and lack of light through the lake surface. The aerators improve fish growth by maintaining oxygen at the bottom which causes nutrients to be channeled up through the fishes food cycle.

Another advantage of an aeration system is that it breaks down bottom organic sediments, eliminates odors, and improves water clarity.

“Justin Hoffman, Murray County Parks Supervisor, takes care of making sure that the aerators are put into the lake when they are needed. The bubblers that we would like to purchase have two hundred foot of electrical cords,” Hakeneis said.

The current aeration system that is used works with two pumps in a pumphouse at Seven Mile Park. Those pumps force air through tubes that lay on the bottom of the lake. The bubblers would float in the lake.

Hakeneis said that if the system is to be changed, the work needs to be done this summer to ensure that the new aeration system will be ready for the winter season. Old equipment will have to be removed from the lake.

“People who were fishing on the lake prior to the inches of water that we have received were telling me that the clarity of Fulda Lakes is truly wonderful. They could be fishing from the docks or a boat and look down and see the fish swimming near the lake bottom. Of course, we always have winter kill in the north lake. That’s just the way it has always been. But fishing on Fulda Lakes has really improved since the Fulda Lakes Reclamation Project,” Hakeneis commented. “The members of the Fulda Game and Fish Club wanted to make area people aware of the fact that the aerators do need replacement and that we are looking for funds to help with the purchase of what is needed.”

Anyone who would like to contribute toward the purchase of the bubblers can contact Keith Hakeneis at 507-425-2663.

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