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Murray County Board of Commissioners

County applies to FEMA for flood assistance

July 2, 2014

By Dorothy Bloemendaal
Jim Reinert, emergency management director for Murray County spoke to the Board of Commissioners about the flood damage within the county after the recent storms. Many roads were washed out, including the culverts. The ditches were overflowing and there is much damage to fields. He urged residents to document the flooding with pictures for insurance purposes. To qualify for presidential qualification, the county has to have a minimum of $3l,537.50 damages or $3.50 per capita. Damage to homes does not qualify. It is estimated $160,000 is needed to repair roads in 10 townships of Murray county and $50,000 for county roads, ditches, water sheds, etc. Application will be made to FEMA for assistance.

Heidi Winter, auditor/treasurer, brought up the question if the lease agreement with Terijon Aviation for spraying open ditches could be revoked due to the heavy rains. Contact will be made with the company for a decision.

Ditches approved for repair were County Ditch #61, Section 2, Bondin Township, CD #89, Section 22, Holly Township, CD #50, Section 13, Cameron Township and JD #14, Section 20, Leeds Township. Improve-ment on CD #82 Mason Township has not alleviated ponding. Land owner Priebe, Commissioners Thiner and Jens met with the engineer of Bolton & Menk to discuss the matter.

A joint powers agreement was signed with the state for Winter to act as a Deputy Recount Official for the 2014 primary and general elections.

A donation of $1,500 for the cattle barn was given in memory of Jon Berreau. The board expressed their gratitude to the family for the gift.

Juanita Lauritsen, Carol Dombek and Mary Mulder updated the board on the SW MN Private Industry Council (PIC). The mission statement of the Workforce is to provide a diverse and quality workforce that best meets the needs and challenges of the SW MN region. PIC assists adults through training, leadership and economic development. The various programs help increase the standard of living with job skills to help the individuals become more self-sufficient. Dislocated worker services are designed to help individuals retain current employment, improve job and skills and provide assistance to secure new employment.

PIC also assists disadvantaged teenagers and young adults (14-21) with year round employment and training services.

The under-employed em-ployees are encouraged to receive training in manufacturing or health care and move on to post secondary education. Most have been out of school many years, Dombek said. Basic skills are provided in three months or less and the objective is to get the clients into the labor market quickly. She said 16 percent have not completed high school.

Mary Mulder is in the Murray County office at the Health and Human Services building in Slayton on Tuesdays. There are jobs in Murray County, however, transportation and child care are often not available. She also assists clients in getting their GED.

Bob Gass and Jake Konkol presented the electrical bids for the veterans memorial display. Slayton Electric submitted and was awarded the low bid. Thiner commended the quick work to get the project done. The area has been flagged by the government center, the statues are ordered and should be in place in a couple of months.

Janet Timmerman requested a water softener be added at the Dinehart Holt house. Because of limited use she will investigate other options. The water is going down at the End-O-Line Park, she said, however, suggested a couple of buildings should be raised as it is often a problem with spring flooding and heavy rain periods. The buildings will be monitored for mold and water damage.

McLaughlin and Schultz submitted the low bid for the bituminous surfacing of the salt shed.

Final payment for the cattle barn was authorized now that the cattle barn is completed.

Commissioner Moline reported the AMC were united in requesting Secretary of Mark Ritchie to reverse the UCC directive he had proposed.

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