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July 31, 2014

by Jerry Johnson
August is here. It's the eighth month of the year but there will be four more months that will finish our year. The grand, noble month was named after Emperor Augusta. For us it's all about fairs , fun, vacations and looking at the. start of school. It's also the time to finish off those summer projects. My summer was disrupted by a bad air conditioner which led to also replacing the furnace, painting the walls, and adding new flooring. It will be good when everything is done or is that, everything will be done when it is good. Working on the floor is no longer fun but that's where the job was. It all coming together with only the replacing the tons of junk that was taken out in order to do the job. Deciding what should be put back in the room was fairly easy, if it was mine didn't get to be put back. I admit that some of it was no longer needed but there was some things that I would have liked to keep. At least the project will be done.


After the local fairs are done you may consider going to the Renaissance Festival. The festival offers Shakespeare's 450 birthday celebration, kids corners, craft brew pub, Fairytale Princess Party, and Viking encampment. One of the more intriguing benefits is the Pig N Swig for beer and bacon tasting. If you would like a couple free tickets, stop in and talk to us, we have them for you. While you're there you may want to try the turkey drumstick, corn on the cob, several other than delicate things like the pickles from the Rat Man. There is a lot of good entertainment and it will fill the day.


Have a good week!

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